A Tag About My Favourite Characters?!?

So Loren did this tag I’ve been dying to do, and now I can do it???

So let’s do it!!!

My gorgeous setup that isn’t in most of the photos.

And I played Nightwish to add to the mood 😛


1~ you have one more spot on your spelling team. who gets it?


Nox (Dorothy Must Die) VS Snow (Saving Snow)

They’re both probably not great at spelling, but I think that Snow would be the better speller.

2~both characters want to kill you. who would you kill first to have a better chance of survival?

Extra points to anyone who can figure out the coincidence of these two being chosen together

Kai (Matched) VS Cinder (Cinder, The Lunar Chronicles #1)

Kai doesn’t really seem all that intimidating. Cinder, however, is someone you don’t want as an enemy. So Cinder it is.

3~you’ve been chosen for the hunger games. who is more likely to volunteer in your place?


Harry (Harry Potter) VS Piper (The Mark of the Dragonfly)

It took me eons to decide on this one, but I finally decided.  Piper.

4~you are the next marvel superhero. who is your sidekick?


Hinoki (Loyalty) VS Lucy (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe)

Hinoki is an awesome samurai dude. Best. Sidekick. Ever.

5~you are stranded on a deserted island and you must engage in cannibalism to survive. whom do you eat?


Ron (Harry Potter) VS Amy (Dorothy Must Die)

Ron, he’s got more meat on him 😛

6~you’re the manager of an avocado company. who would you fire for poor communication skills?


Fitz (Keeper of the Lost Cities) VS Cassia (Matched)

Probably Cassia.

7~you’ve just finished a book in which your favorite character dies. which character would be more likely to comfort you?


Hermione (Harry Potter) VS Scarlet (Scarlet, Lunar Chronicles #2)

Honestly? I’m not sure whether either of these characters would be good at comforting me after such a traumatic experience.

8~your birthday has finally arrived. who would have the nerve to forget?


Ari (Loyalty) VS Liesel (The Book Thief)

Ari would be thinking about more important things, like her next mission or something of that sort.

9~you have just found an upcoming youtube star. who is it more likely to be?


Cress (Cress, Lunar Chronicles #3) VS Sophie (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Cress. Sophie would NEVER.

10~you can only invite one person to your sleepover. who would it be?


June (Legends) VS Keefe (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Keefe is the best character ever. Literally ever. I’m sorry, June, I must go with Keefe.

11~you have just woken up and it is time for breakfast. your mom has been replaced by . . . whom?


Myrtle (Harry Potter) VS Mr. Forkle

Myrtle wouldn’t make a very good mom because she’s a ghost. So let’s go with Forkle.

12~bam, you’re pregnant. who is the mother/father?


Golidlocks (Land of Stories) VS Day (Legend)

Thats a no-brainier. Day is a charming, handsome, perfect boy who… just… FEELS. SO. MANY. FEELS. I JUST CAN’T HANDLE IT.

But seriously. Day.

13~you have just written a super important text. who would have the nerve not to reply?


Rudy (The Book Thief) VS Linh (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Definitely Rudy. His name says it all.

14~ you’re on the bachelor/bachelorette and down to two characters. who gets your rose?


Red (Land of Stories) VS Conner (Land of Stories)

Conner. Conner, Conner, and nobody but Conner.

15~ugh, it’s high school. who would most likely be part of the popular clique?


Alex (Land of Stories) VS Call (Magesterium)

I guess it’d be Call, since he’s a Makar.


I tag:

Anyone who wants to do this


Bonus picture of what I had after all the characters had been sorted:




P.S. There will be a new post every Monday, in addition to the Wednesday and Saturday posts!! 😃

P.P.S. Though I don’t know how long this is going to last 😛



the writer’s tag

annyeonghaseyo, all! today i am doing the writer’s tag.

~What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

I’ve written mostly fantasy, but there have been some dystopian and fanfiction in the mix.


~How long have you been writing?

i wrote a short story in 2nd grade about a mom and dad with 50 female children and 1 male child and 300 pets amongst them, so they [the parents] went on a vacation leaving the eldest girl in charge, but the boy got mad at the girl in charge, so he burned her like a marshmallow, so the parents rushed home and then had the son killed in a junkyard with a wrecking ball for his crimes.*

and the mom & dad lived until they were 400. the end.

after that i didn’t write until i was nine and wrote something about an evil girl who killed her sisters**

* i was a tiny little kid with a big imagination who was teasingly called tater tot. cut me some slack. 😛

** i was one of those kids who put her barbies into tragic and traumatic situations that ended up in one or all of them dying.


~Why do you write?

i have these ideas whizzing around in my brain. i simply cannot ignore them. they’re there for a reason.

~When is the best time to write?

-when it’s the middle of the night and all is quiet

-early in the morning and all is quiet

-when it’s raining

-when inspiration strikes

~What parts of writing do you love and hate?

i hate it when i can’t write. i love revision. it sounds odd, but it’s quite relaxing.


~How do you overcome writer’s block?

music is a writers best friend. also doughnuts. and roleplay especially. it gives you wondrous ideas.


~Are you working on something at the moment?

i give you, emily gilmore:

are you freakin kidding me yes of course i am.


~What are your writing goals this year?

nanowrimo, dearie.

yup. 50k in a month. maybe more if i’m feeling particularly insane 😉


i tag:



mango queen (aka may)



I Think It’s a Song//BIBPC Challenge 6

You hear music every day, good, bad, or just okay. You hear it on the radio, you hear about the trending songs then you hear the trending songs then you think they’re boring and you listen to your iPod but your songs are outdated so you listen to the radio but nothin’s on.

So you turn on the YouTube and you listen to Grace Vanderwaal and you wonder how she’s got those pipes then you find your favourite kpop group and listen to them while fangirling over your bias and you throw rocks at the weird American music except Sia and 21 Piløts and Grace Vanderwaal ’cause they’re awesome.

Then you start to sing, slightly out of tune.

I think it’s a song, I think it’s a song, but there’s a lot of things wrong.

I think I could sing it, I think I could sing it, but my voice isn’t right.

Then you wanna make your own music but your bratty brother broke your guitar and you can’t sing and you think GarageBand is cheating and you can’t write songs so you go back and listen to more music while daydreaming about the musical future fantasy that’s never gonna happen.

And you try to write a song later, you try, it’s just not gonna work. You tried Sia style, Grace Vanderwaal style, you tried 21 Piløts style, but you can’t really rap, you can’t really sing either.

But you start to sing anyway, slightly out of tune.

I think it’s a song, I think it’s a song, but there’s a lot of things wrong.

I think I could sing it, I think I could sing it, but my voice isn’t right

Nobody would listen, nobody would like it.

Every day, you wanted to sing, write a good song, finally get around to fixin’ that guitar.

But finally you get around to gettin’ that guitar fixed, you get better at singin’, you actually write a half-decent song.

You sing it and suddenly, everything’s okay. It actually sounds great, you sing it to everyone you know, you know it’s great, they know it’s great.

Then you write another.

You’re worried it was beginners luck with the first one, that you channeled all of your songwriting ability into the first one, that you don’t have anything left for the second one.

But it’s just as good, even better, maybe. Your singin’s getting better, your songs are spellbinding people.

Then you start to sing, in tune.

I think it’s a song, I think it’s a song, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong.

I think it’s a song, I think it’s a song, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong.

I know I can sing it, oh I know I can sing it, ’cause my voice is just fine.

I know I can sing it, oh I know I can sing it, ’cause my voice is just fine.

Oh I know I can sing it, and oh I know it’s a song.

There ain’t nothin’ wrong, and my voice is just fine.



I am a coconut






DIY: Bucket List in a Jar

Today, I am showing you how to make a bucket list in a jar



– Jar

– Paper

–  scissors

– Writing utensil



Get your supplies. Cut strips of paper (size doesn’t matter, I had a bunch of mixed sizes in my final result)



Write places on your slips of paper, and either roll or fold them, or just leave them.


Keep going until you run out of:





Writing Utensils

By now, you should have a healthy pile of things. (I was originally making a places-I want-to-go jar, so I mostly had destinations rather than things.)



Dump all the things in the jar, slap on a label, and voila!



KEEP ADDING! Never ever stop. If you suddenly realise you want to go skydiving one day

then jot it down, and when you get home, put it on a slip of paper and dump it in your jar.


An AG Wishlist


I am not trying to be greedy or mean in any way, shape or form.


TM 58


As I said in my Last post, I want her. I haven’t decided on a name, even though I have for the other two dolls on this list. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But, I know she’s a huge country music and Lindsey Stirling  fan and plays violin…

I have the money. I’m just waiting for holiday free shipping 😉



SHES VERY GORGEOUS AND HAS AN AMAZING STORY. I may rename her after my favourite kpop star, IU, whose real name is  Lee Ji-eun





I used to live in Hawaii when I was little, and I think that this POV of Pearl Harbor is very clever and interesting. Though I may rename her Iolani. 😃




Tenney’s Picnic Outfit

I really dislike Tenney (and Logan, but WAY more hate on him from me. 😁)

But some of her outfits ARE really cute… 58 would like this…


Tenney’s Spotlight Outfit

ARGH. I really like this.


Kit’s PLay Outfit



September Bucket List/I failed at August, probably.

My August goals were:

-Participate in all the challenges of CWWC

Well… I did some of them…

– Draw some more

KINDA. I drew my characters for my NaNo novel-to-be, but otherwise, idk. Probably that was it.

– write at least 8 chapters of When It All Comes Crashing Down

Haha no. Never got off the ground, and I ended up tossing it. Oh well.

– finish Chosen

I TRIED, but I got annoyed with it. It needs waaay more than an ending.

– post at least 20 things on this blog

*checks post count*

13, I think?

– post a summer playlist

Wow. I actually did this.

– Get a new ukulele string

Sadly, I needed to go to a Guitar Centre to do this, and I couldn’t. Plus my brother messed with it, so now I need 2 strings. AND I broke my guitar string, and while I have a replacement string, nobody in my house knows how.

-learn a chord on my ukulele

I learned A Minor on guitar. Sooo… I’m going to mark it as a fail, because it wasn’t on my ukulele.

-post a google translate song

No. And I have no intention to ever do it. 😉



I stunk at August.


– Get new strings for my ukulele

Self-explanatory. Unless you skipped my summary of August, in which case:

Mushu gifs are fun.

– Make a skeleton framework for my NaNo Novel-To-Be

– Get Truly Me #58


I like dolls, I have the money to get #58, so I AM GONNA GET HER

I couldn’t find one with the text. SHAME ON YOU INTERNET. *cue a million Mushu gifs*

– Finish OAUT season 1

I just started watching OAUT (Once Upon A Time) and ASDJFKLDREH IT IS BEAUTIFUL

– Learn a chord on my ukulele

– Get some new clothes


ADHERE to my new posting schedule

Wednesday and Saturdays, there shall be a new post.


Idk what, but what the heck. I will.

– Watch football


CWWC Challenge 8

I used the first two prompts, and I am a NARNIAN!

When you enter the rinky-dink gas station on highway 29, its usually only because it’s the only gas station for fifty miles in any direction, or because you need to go to the bathroom.
The girl behind the counter will play Candy Crush and blow bubbles from her seemingly endless supply of Juicy Fruit, quietly relishing the chaos that ensues when someone comes in.
One day, a sleek blue car with a thick layer of snow coating every bit of it drove up. A husband and wife emerged, bickering about getting lost.
The wife angrily started to pump the gas while the husband went inside, but when he had, she went over to the windshield and wrote, ‘We should talk’ with her finger.
Then she hurried back to the pump.
The man had gone to the bathroom and had come out, surprisingly sane-looking.
He had gotten two bottles of Pepsi and come to the counter.
The girl ignored him, seeming to be wrapped up in her game, but actually staring at him using the reflection on her glass screen.
“Can I get these rung up, ma’am?” The man asked politely.
Reluctantly, she set down her phone, and as she was scanning the Pepsis, she said, very casually, “Its a wonder that you aren’t insane.”
“What do you mean?” He asked, genuinely confused.
“Most people who come in here go out insane. Just a fact of life.”
“Why, that’s awful!” He said, handing her his credit card.
“So? Not my problem. Not yours.” She replied, swiping the card and handing it back to him.
“Can I speak to the owner of this establishment?”
“I’m the owner. And the manager. And the counter lady.”
“Fine. May I ask about the whereabouts of the insane people?”
That’s when the girl burst out laughing.
And she pulled out a gun.
And she shot him.
Dropping the smoking gun by his hand to make it look like suicide, she returned to her game of Candy Crush.


poem? song? idk

i wish i had an acoustic ukulele…
instead i have a weird electric one…
it means well but it doesn’t work when you want to belt out
twenty øne piløts at the top of your lungs and strum a chord
i finally learned how to read one
but half my strings don’t work anyway and
my voice isn’t real good so i watch covers on youtube of
people who can sing and
i wish i was one of them
but i’m musically challenged, it seems
i wish i could be one of them
and i wish i had an acoustic ukulele.


inspired by TØP and youtube and my lack of an acoustic ukulele.IMG_3647

Pointless Post

Of course not. Why would you think that?

It is nearly September, and after September comes OCTOBER.


So why am I posting this in freakin’ August?

To save you from THIS:

I have no clue what this is.

Seriously, October is the panic month for one solid reason:


That’s the time when you suddenly realise:

– You have no idea what you’re going to write

– You have no plot (this really isn’t the end of the world, tho)

– You have TOO MUCH plot (my dream 😜)

PLOT BUNNIES have overrun your house


Eh, actually, you should worry.

Otherwise, you won’t be concerned enough to try to at LEAST get a skeleton framework, or a vague idea of what you’re doing.


Yeah. Good luck.